An “Unusual” Sandbag Use in the News

sandbag barriers

News Channel 4 out of Tennessee, reported yesterday, that the Manchester, Tennessee Police Department used sandbags in an unusual way, at least unusual for us civilians.

The Police Department delivered more than 300 sandbags to the US Army Recruiting Station in Manchester. Volunteers filled the sandbags with sand, and then stacked the filled sandbags in the window of the Recruitment station.

Manchester is less than 70 miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee which recently had a tragic shooting at a recruitment center.

This use of sandbags brings to mind… are they used for military purposes in say, a combat situation? The answer is most definitely yes! Sandbags are used to build bunkers, barracks, and to fortify trenches and foxholes. The use of sandbags make sense. They are an inexpensive and quick way to build a wall. In addition, sandbags can diffuse energy, meaning a bullet or bomb’s energy can be absorbed by the sandbags, lessening their damaging capabilities.

Sandbags can also be used in the civilian world, to build hunting forts, and arenas for recreation like paint-ball or relay events. If given enough sandbags, what might you build? Why not make it a reality? For just a few hundred dollars, and a quick on-line session at, you can have enough sandbags to build your dream project. What are you waiting for?