Flooding In 2018 – Predictions & Preparedness

There has been a lot of flooding recently. Heavy rainfall has already caused damaging floods in the Ohio and Mississippi River basins and brought record flooding to the lower Great Lakes region even ahead of the typical spring flood season but flooding has not been limited to those areas nor has the possibility of more flooding across areas in the U.S. lessened.

People are being encouraged nationwide to be prepared for the range of weather threats, including flooding and to tune into local forecasts to monitor their individual risk.

NOAA’s Office of Water Prediction is a great on-line resource for predictions. They collaboratively research, develop and delivers state-of-the-science national hydro-logic analyses and forecast information.

People don’t often realize that their home and property can be flooded by natural or other events without being in a flood plain. Preparing for such an emergency before it happens is the best solution to cut down on losses and damaging effects of high water. While there is no 100% full proof method for keeping rising flood waters out, sandbags and other sand filled containers are often used by communities and private property owners to hold back flood waters to protect property with much success. There are even City, County and State Agencies that are going the extra mile for their citizens by purchasing sandbag filling machines so they can get more sandbags out to residents and businesses faster.

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