Mobile Sandbag Filling Machine

Whether you are preparing for an incoming hurricane, dealing with erosion, building a bunker or any other task where you need to get sandbags filled on or off site fast, you will most likely require a mobile solution for optimum efficiency and speed.

While many have heard about or seen the Burcham Bagger sandbag filling machine in action there are those that are unaware that it can be adapted for mobile use. That’s right… not only can it be used as a portable solution for all of your sandbag filling requirements but it can also be converted for mobile use simply by placing it in the back of a pick-up truck.

So, for the ultimate mobile sandbag filling machine, place the Burcham Bagger into the back of a truck and fill sandbags from the tailgate! Wing walls allow the machine to be filled with a skid steer or any other loader. Unlike all other mobile sandbag filling machines, the Burcham Bagger doesn’t need your trailer hitch. This allows mobile filling crews to tow their own machinery and bags to the job site with a single vehicle.

About the Burcham Bagger – built with quality and as simple as possible so volunteers can easily fill sandbags without any training. Lift the bag to the spout and the sandbag filling machine will automatically dispense sand into the bag, shutting off when fill weight is reached. Change the fill weight by simply turning the dial. Every bag, regardless of who fills it, will be the same size.

Burcham Baggers can bag far more than just sand! The perfect tool for packaging sand, gravel, lava, mulch, and other free flowing dry goods in consistent bag sizes. Start or improve your bagged product business today with this incredibly affordable machine. Our most common feedback from clients: “This machine has already paid for itself!”

Can be further upgraded with several additional attachments that significantly increase sandbag production.

No other sandbag filling machine is as simple, affordable, or functional as the Burcham Bagger.

Burcham Baggers are crafted with pride in the U.S.A., and include a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Check out the Burcham Bagger – Heavy Equipment Model for mobile truck or floor mounted uses.

Or all of the Burcham Bagger Sandbag Filling Machines.