The Cautionary Tale of Rain in July

flood erosion

In July, San Diego County experienced some heavy rain and flooding. In fact, it was a record-setting month for rain fall in San Diego. According to, San Diego broke an all-time July rainfall record on July 18th with 1.03 inches on that one day alone. Not only did it break its July single-day record set July 25, 1902, it also broke an entire month of July record set in 1902.

Because of this rainfall, areas in San Diego County are experiencing flooding, but more than that, they are also experiencing erosion. Erosion can be a very costly and scary thing, when considering that many homes in parts of San Diego County sit perched atop and on the sides of mountains.

The County of San Diego is offering their residents not only protection from flooding with a free, 24-hour sand bag pick up location, but, they are also offering gravel bags to help against the erosion. Sandbags do a great job of diverting not only water, but also soil, whereas gravel bags allow the water to pass through the bags, but containing the soil.

Ramona, an unincorporated community of just over 20,000 residents, sits in the foothills of the Laguna Mountains, in the center of San Diego County. This community has been hard hit by the recent floods. The residents are concerned about many things related to the flooding, that one might not think of. For example, do they need a permit to move dirt to counteract the erosion factor? What are renters suppose to do if their landlords are not prompt in repairing damage to their rental home? What do people do if their cars are damaged in the floods? What does one do with waste that travels on their property from the water?

The lesson to be learned…be prepared and have supplies on hand to protect your property, such as sandbags and an evacuation plan. It’s never too late to start thinking about what you might do in such a situation.